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My Disclaimer: I am not a philosopher and have not studied philosophy. My interest in phenomenology is practical -- to move in the world with acceptance, gratitude, and as an observer of myself. The philosophy I read and practice is oriented to my concerns. I am not interested in finding "The Truth", but in Being-in-the-World with Others.

How Did I Get Involved in This?

I was extremely lucky to have been part of a Service Design Consulting Company in Berkeley, CA called BABDI. It was a small company with a unique but powerful methodology based on of the work of Fernando Flores and his interpretations of J.L. Austin, Francisco Varela and Humberto Maturana, Hubert Dreyfus, and Martin Heidegger. The partners of the company brought phenomenological observers to the companies they worked with, and they trained me in this methodology. In every process I worked on in the company, with every "task", I was to learn and practice phenomenology, to be an observer of the world as a set of patterns based in language.

Some Phenomenological Distinctions in My World